Tips To Help Make Living In A Staged Home Bearable

Dated: 06/21/2016

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You’ve decided to Sell, now the “fun” begins — the contractors, the cleaning crew, the landscapers, the Salvation Army pick-up and everything else goes into the garage with no room left to park your car — oh, and the bills.

Why? Staging.

Living in in staged house requires you to live in a state of uninterrupted perfection. It is incredible that so many Seller’s endure this torture every day. I can see doing this if you have a full-time housekeeper however, when you’re the full time maid, you get to experience a never-ending task of chores. Here are a few staging secrets that I’ve learned first hand

  1. The house has to look like the photos.

You can’t be there when the brokers show your property, but you have to turn on all 45 light switches before you leave for work and turn them off when you get home.

In the photos, you have lit candles throughout the house. No way you are leaving candles lit with no one home.

Then there is our wonderful plush carpet that shows every single footstep and is especially good at showing your toes if you’re barefoot. The vacuum has now replaced your cell phones as the most used technology in your home.

  1. It is HOT in Arizona and your landscape needs WATER!

You can’t possibly have your front yard looking brown from the heat — no, you must keep it nice and green like in the photos. All of those plants the landscapers brought in will all wither and die in 24 hours if they’re not watered. Be prepared to double your water bill.

  1. No one ever uses the bathrooms, right?

Maintaining perfect bathrooms is probably the most miserable part of living in a staged house. You bought lovely decorative towels that looked great in the photos.

You can’t use them to dry off after a shower, but they look pretty. And, where do you hang your favorite wet towels to dry? Two choices here — hide them somewhere or do laundry every day.

Also, you’re not supposed to have any shower gel, soap, shampoo, razors or any other type of personal care items visible. That means taking everything out of the cabinet each day, putting down the rugs so you don’t fall, getting fresh towels, cleaning the shower or tub after every use and then putting it all back in its hiding place. Find a basket for daily essentials, it will make this process easier.

  1. What is that Smell?

Lots of folks are sensitive to various types of cooking smells. Who doesn’t love garlic shrimp scampi or fresh steamed veggies? The Buyer that will be walking through your home in 30 minutes, that’s who. Thank heaven for air fresheners.

Try to keep aromas to a minimum and don’t forget to empty the trash after every meal.

  1. You have children and pets.

Try living in a staged house with pets and children. It is best to schedule showings when children are out of the home if possible. You never know what kids will say or do? Have you seen Steve Harvey’s show?

If Thor is prone to accidents, barking at or biting strangers, Thor needs to be crated or off the property. After all, you don’t want any buyers running out of your home during a showing, not likely to get an offer.

What happens if you don’t do all of this? Most agents agree that you will have a much harder time selling, considering you are competing against sellers who are enduring the short-term pain of living in a staged house for the long-term gain of getting their house sold.

Bottom line is, staging is important even though it is sometimes a hassle. Buyer’s need to envision themselves in your home and that is difficult when there are distractions.

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